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5 Ways A New-Hire Orientation Video Can Improve Retention

Improve Employee Retention RatesWhen you bring new people into your organization, your goal should be to engage and retain that talent long-term. Assuring your newest team members that they have made the right decision by joining your company is achievable from day one with a new hire orientation video. We’ve found that there are five key advantages to using videos to onboard your new hires including consistency, flexibility, creativity, delivery and engagement – all of which add up to better retention rates. Here’s how:

Ensuring Training Consistency

Typically, during orientations, different employees give presentations on the same topics. This can send different messages to your new hires who are just learning the ropes. To avoid this confusion, you can improve training by using videos and creating similar experiences for new hires. Maintaining a high-quality messaging standard with videos helps companies consistently train new employees both in-house and at remote locations. Original videos can present all your company information in an efficient way, reducing the time required for employee onboarding.

Offering Flexible Topic Presentation

If you’re a company trainer and are bringing new-hires up-to-date about company policies, you want to present information in a clear format. With the flexibility of videos, you’ll cover a wide range of topics. For example, a library of videos, arranged in order of length, might include: equal opportunity employment, medical leave, harassment, phone use, internet use, drug testing and workplace safety. Offering company videos, you can either show a separate segment for each topic or store segments for employees’ later use. This flexibility gives employees all the time they need to select and view each video individually or in small groups.

Employee Onboarding

Sharing Creative Content

Videos that increase employees’ enthusiasm about their new jobs have something in common: They have creative content and teem with engaging elements. One popular video format is documentary-style. Featuring interviews with company employees, documentary-style videos help to introduce new hires to their colleagues. A second format is known as script-based. In this type of video, actors deliver talks concerning organizational topics, like compensation and benefits. Another useful style of video is the virtual office tour. This format helps those just starting out feel comfortable with their new surroundings. Facilitating onboarding, any of these video formats shares creatively designed content that makes new hires feel welcome.

Providing Efficient Delivery

Most of the time video delivery–online or in person–is an efficient process. Whether you’re uploading a video to a social media website or, for privacy, to a Learning Management System (LMS), it is easy to deliver a quality video online for your new hires. For in-person showings, staff can use TVs, computers, laptops and hand-held devices, such as cell phones. Further, PowerPoint presentations with audio voiceovers can also be used to present videos. Overall, all these video platforms effectively bring tools together for content creation, sharing and management.

Fostering Informative Engagement

Did you know that most workers retain knowledge while they are actively engaged in a learning environment? When your new employees experience orientation through video, they learn. This learning process evolves as they are introduced to older employees, team leaders and management via videos. By watching coworkers’ video-based presentations, your new employees will not only understand policies but also focus on the importance of their own jobs. Similarly, videos of company events help new hires learn about company culture. So, for informative engagement, the best onboarding videos promote company values, not just training goals.

Take Away

Knowing these five advantages of using videos during your orientation sessions is the key to smooth new-hire transition. Letting new employees know that you value and care about them establishes a welcoming atmosphere that encourages low turnover and high productivity. As a result, producing a successful onboarding experience with powerful video messaging benefits employee morale and bolsters company performance, boosting productivity and improving retention rates from day one.

[CHECKLIST] Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Great New Employee Orientation

Proper new hire orientation that has your most eager employees hitting the ground running from Day One is crucial to motivating people and becoming a true employer of choice. It’s up to you, the employer, to make sure that these enthusiastic new participants in your corporate culture have the proper training, new employee orientation and all the information and materials they need to get off to a great start. Here are the basic steps to follow to ensure that you have a great new employee orientation in place. (Or, jump down to the end of this article to download your copy of the Comprehensive New Employee Orientation Checklist!)

Pre-Start Reach Out

Send your new hires a letter with needed paperwork and be sure to include all relevant info about the company. Call your new employee in advance of their start day to confirm their start date and location.

Office Prep

Before the new hire arrives, make sure to prep their work area for them so it doesn’t take days to set up their desk:

  • Set up phones, email and other access codes
  • Brief others in the office about the new employee and their role in the company
  • Create an orientation video that explains the mission of the company.
  • Appoint someone on the team as their buddy and have them orient the new hire around the office.
  • Arrange for a welcome and lunch on the first day
  • Set up benefits through HR as needed
  • Set up training sessions as needed

First Day

On the first day, you’ll want to welcome the employee and make introductions to team members and executives:

  • Make sure they have a deep understanding of other positions in the company.
  • Go over the orientation plan with them and make sure they are aware of upcoming meetings, training sessions, exercises and more
  • Discuss payroll procedures and/or time card information
  • Make sure all HR paperwork is properly filled out and filed
  • HR Orientation that covers things like time off, sick days, benefits, holidays and more
  • Give a complete tour of the office
  • Go over all current/relevant projects

First Week

The first week involves a lot of back and forth with the employee to make sure they are on track. It’s critical to meet with the employee and get feedback in order to review their work and answer their questions. This is also the time to help the employee gain a deeper understanding of the company’s mission, propositions, products and services as well as to become more familiar with your clients.

After the initial days and weeks, it’s important to schedule routine checkups with your new employees. Establish performance goals and progress review meetings, and follow up with additional training as needed. Having these practices in place will ensure that your new hire has the best possible experience, boost employee retention and optimize their productivity from Day One!

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