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How Virtual Reality Will Change Human Resources

Most peoples’ experience or knowledge of augmented and virtual reality involves entertainment – for example, the Pokémon GO augmented reality app and the uber popular Epcot attraction Soarin’, which takes “riders” on a realistic virtual journey around the world. Virtual … Continue reading

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How The Millennial Workforce Will Change HR Forever

For a long time employees joined a company, contributed to a retirement plan, and stayed for decades, slowly moving up the corporate ladder. That depiction no longer reflects the modern workplace or the modern workforce. Millennials have different needs and … Continue reading

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2017: Changes Coming to HR

The Human Resources field is changing, and the role of an HR Manager isn’t what it was 20 – or even 10 – years ago. Today’s HR professionals face many challenges that are unique to our ever-changing times. Take a … Continue reading

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Gamification 101: What Happens When We Play While We Work?

There is an old adage that declares, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Gamification is a new way of proving that old wisdom to be true in more corporate environments than ever before. … Continue reading

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Six Things Every HR Professional Should Know

Managing the human resources department of an organization can be a challenging yet rewarding position. Requiring the perfect blend of analytical thinking and people skills, the job takes a certain knowledge base in order to be successful. Here are six … Continue reading

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