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Tweaking Your Employer Brand for Better Recruiting

Why are so many skilled professionals clamoring to land a job with companies like Facebook and Google? While yes, these companies appear stable and lucrative, there is something much bigger fueling interest: their employer brands. The perks, the opportunities, the … Continue reading

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Boosting Your Employer Brand Through Social Media: 4 Great Tips

How do companies get a reputation for being a great place to work? In the past, it was all word of mouth. Employees would share stories with their friends, and your company slowly would build a reputation. Hopefully, a positive … Continue reading

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Here’s How To Build Your Successful Remote Workforce

Companies (and employees) across the globe are realizing the benefits of creating a remote or “virtual” workforce. This trend has spread from successful bloggers to designers, web developers, and exploded from there. However, companies do need to plan carefully to … Continue reading

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Creating A Positive Brand

Call it your brand, call it your image, but no matter what you call it, it’s key to your company’s success: that personality and culture that is uniquely your company’s, that thing that your employees, shareholders, and the public perceive to be the true … Continue reading

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