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How Labor Relations Knowledge Gives HR Professionals C-Suite Skills

Human resources professionals know that union organizing presents a variety of complex challenges, and many dread their labor relations responsibilities. After all, the process of educating employees on the drawbacks of voting in a union can be taxing, and participating … Continue reading

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Here’s How To Avoid Pay Secrecy Violations

The “war” on wage gaps is raging and for good reason: Large wage gaps have historically existed in the United States based on gender and race, specifically when it comes to women and minorities. According to research conducted by the … Continue reading

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Directing the Narrative: Employee Communications During a Union Action

When a union has you — and your employees — in its sight, you need to be ready to respond. Union leadership had months to prepare, to start engaging your employees, and to lay the groundwork for a unionization drive. … Continue reading

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Are Webinars Still Essential for Training New Employees?

Webinars are still considered a winning tactic for countless companies. In fact, recent polls have shown that two-thirds of B2B marketers in the United States consider webinars effective marketing tools. Whether for brand promotion, product introduction or real-time presentations, webinars … Continue reading

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11 Positive Employee Relations Strategies that Haven’t Jumped the Shark

Companies are realizing the critical connection between employee engagement and factors like retention rates, productivity and profits. As employees seek out work-life balance, many major companies are making unconventional cultural changes. Smaller business owners might feel constricted in their ability … Continue reading

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