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How Labor Relations Knowledge Gives HR Professionals C-Suite Skills

Human resources professionals know that union organizing presents a variety of complex challenges, and many dread their labor relations responsibilities. After all, the process of educating employees on the drawbacks of voting in a union can be taxing, and participating … Continue reading

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Political Activism: Are You Risking Your Job?

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees US citizens the right to “freedom of speech.” Citizens may freely express themselves in a public forum on any subject, including political topics, and rest assured that there will be no detrimental consequences. … Continue reading

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How The Millennial Workforce Will Change HR Forever

For a long time employees joined a company, contributed to a retirement plan, and stayed for decades, slowly moving up the corporate ladder. That depiction no longer reflects the modern workplace or the modern workforce. Millennials have different needs and … Continue reading

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Questions An Internal HR Audit Should Ask

So you’ve made the decision to conduct an internal Human Resource audit. The team is in place and you are ready to begin. Which areas should you look at first? An HR audit should ask the following questions: – Do … Continue reading

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