Keep The Best Employees! Boost Retention With Effective Onboarding

RetentionOnboardingMore than 25 percent of Americans experience some kind of career transition every year and the human resources department is usually the first port of call for new workers. Shockingly, 50 percent of all hourly workers leave a new job within just 120 days; a sobering statistic for businesses who invest time and resources in talent acquisition and training.

Successful employee onboarding — the process where new starters acquire the skills and behaviors required by an organization — can lower attrition rates and clarify the collective objectives of a company. The result? Higher engagement levels and greater productivity in the workplace. Here’s how to create an onboarding program that will dazzle senior management.

Emphasize Workplace Cultural Norms

Workplace cultural norms are the shared beliefs, practices and goals that characterize your company. Stress the importance of these values to new recruits so they understand the foundation of your organization. Providing new employees with a brief history of your brand can also be beneficial: A quick video presentation, with a focus on the company’s previous achievements and strategies for the future, can be great for new hire orientation. Want to emphasize workplace norms in a fun, engaging way? Projections creates onboarding videos that help brands connect with new employees.

Employee Orientations
Keep in Regular Contact With New Hires

The first day at a new job can be stressful enough for a fresh hire without HR complicating the process. Send out any important paperwork via email before an employee’s first day at work and keep in regular contact with a new hire. Not only will this lessen the load on the first day, but employees can read through documents at home and know what to expect from your company. Regular emails or messages in an application such as OfficeVibe’s Leo for Slack, in which managers can ask an employee if they have any feedback or questions about their new role, can also help to build a sense of community and improve new employee orientation.

Establish Business Relationships

Particularly if you tend to hire in groups, welcome new employees with an informal networking event, where your newest employees and management can get to know each other better, outside the regular working day. New hires will quickly adapt to your company culture and will be able to communicate with staff at all levels. Studies show that onboarding techniques, like networking events, can improve productivity in new hires by 28 percent once they reach their first performance milestone.

Employees who attend a well-structured onboarding program are 69 percent more likely to stay with a company for up to three years, according to the SHRM Foundation. To create a strategic onboarding program of your own, emphasize workforce cultural norms, keep in regular contact with fresh hires and establish business relationships through networking events.