6 Ingenious Uses for Your Old Training DVDs

6 IngeniousDVD_BillboardThe days of training your employees with DVDs are long gone, which means you’ve likely got a collection of them saved up from over the years. As you switch over to online access and e-learning, bring new life to your training DVDs with these repurposing projects!

1. Smash Them to Make a DIY Mosaics

Consider breaking up those training DVDs and create something beautiful — like a mosaic bird bath, table top or picture frame. If you’re feeling retro, glue DVD fragments to a large Styrofoam sphere for a do-it-yourself disco ball. Either way, you’ll get more use from your new piece of art while still accessing all your employee communications online.

2. Create a Unique Office Art Installation

If you’ve developed an attachment to your training DVDs and want to leave them whole, consider creating a large-scale art installation in your office that pays homage to the technology that’s brought you this far. Impress your team with your cultural appreciation and artistic awareness, and say you were inspired by this artist who takes other irrelevant media, like VHS and cassette tapes, and turns them into something more beautiful.

3. Make Crafty Coasters

Coat your old DVDs in fabric or decorative paper and top that with a thin layer of waterproof sealant for a customized coaster. They’ll stick up to scratches, dents and dings better than they ever did as DVDs. Then enjoy sipping on a cocktail by the pool as you reminisce with friends, swapping stories about the good ol’ days when DVDs were the best way to connect with employees.

4. Recycle Them

A company called GreenDisk will take care of all your “obsolete accessories” with full-service “technotrash disposal.” You can even rent a box from them for your office so your whole team can get rid of their own outdated disks, drives and non-digital remnants. They’ve been irrelevant for a while — give your training DVDs one last time to set a trend, they’ve had a good run.

Some specialized recycling companies can even grind and repurpose used DVDs into plastics for automotive parts and office equipment, so your training DVDs might end up back in your office, but in the form of something you’ll actually use.

5. Make a Chandelier

Create a show-stopping ceiling light by stringing anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred of your old training DVDs together and affixing them to a circular metal ring with fishing line. Run a simple light kit into the center and hang your art piece from the ceiling. Your new chandelier will reflect both the light in the room and how far technology has come since you last used your training DVDs.

6. Relieve Some Stress

You’ve got a lot of pent up frustration from your training DVDs; they’ve been difficult to access since you bought them a decade or two ago, they’re not always available and you’re fed up. Show them you’ve had enough by smashing them with heavy objects or throwing them off tall buildings (and picking up and properly disposing of the remains, of course — see #5).

Whatever you decide to do with your old training DVDs, it’s time to toss them and access your training tools online, anywhere you want, anytime you need, 24/7/365. ProofBox provides videos, websites and eLearning in one simple package, available instantly to you and your employees in your go-to e-library. It’s the most powerful, practical and engaging way to train your employees and improve employee communication. Plus, you won’t have to buy any more external DVD drives as they phase out.